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Pay Per Interview

Stop paying for job clicks & resumes, it is a Hiring Model that doesn't work. We offer a service that Monster, ZipRecruiter, & Indeed simply can't & won't offer - PPI!

What is PPI? Pay-Per-Interview - See how you can spend less and hire more!

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Hiring Solutions in One Place

Post 1 Job or Unlimited Jobs

Whether you have one job or hundreds of jobs, we will distribute your jobs through our network. Plus we actively recruit for your job openings.

Social Marketing

Reach thousands of job seekers on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, & Google +through our social networks. Tweets & Posts written specifically to your job openings.

Personal Success Partner

Don’t waste hours sifting through resumes, your dedicated success partner will send qualified candidates directly to you.

Screening Solutions

Find relevant candidates through a pre-interview questionnaire, video, and pre-employment assessments.

Featured Employer

Listed as a featured employer on our websites with a blog post written about your company and job openings.

Track Candidates

Tracking provided weekly. Statistics for each job listing, there is no guessing; know your total traffic, specific job clicks, and total resume submissions.


Get Started Finding Qualified Candidates
All Packages Include All Features, Never an Extra Fee
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Free trial
1 Job Posting
Unlimited Candidates
(After 5 day free trial, Cost is $39.95 for 30 days)
$149.95/per month
10 Job Postings
Unlimited Candidates
$399.95/per month
Unlimited Job Postings
Unlimited Candidates

How It Works

  • Choose the Option that is best for your hiring needs and select that option to begin.
  • Complete Registration: 
    • For Free Posting, add your job listing on the registration page.
    • For 10 Job Postings, Provide the job openings information to us in an excel spreadsheet and we will upload them for you.
    • For Unlimited Job Postings, provide XML Feed. If you cannot provide the XML, we will provide our job wrapping service*.
  • All jobs are live on our network within hours, you will receive an email from your personal success partner.
  • Social Marketing/Recruiting of your job openings begins within 2 hours of jobs being added.
  • Candidates will be sent directly to you from your success partner.
  • Receive your personal tracking information weekly.

*Job Wrapping Service is an additional fee, dependent on number of positions.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many jobs can I post for free?

You can post 1 job for free and it will be active for 5 days. An invoice will be emailed to you on day 3. The invoice will need to be paid on the 5th day to keep your job listing active.

If a job opening is filled, can I replace it with a new job opening?

Yes. Just let your success partner know which job has been filled and provide the new job listing information. She/He will make all changes as soon as the information is provided.

What sites are my jobs distributed to?

We manually add your job openings to a wide variety of websites, including www.getmymomajob.com, www.getmyvetajob.com, geo targeted job boards which will depend on the location of the job opening, plus dozens more. Through our network of social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ including employment groups.

How long before my jobs are added?

Within 1 hour of submission of your job openings, they will begin to be added to our network. Within 24 hours, your job openings will be listed on all websites and social marketing of positions will have begun.
Social marketing will continue daily for the 30 day period on all social media sites.

Are there any additional fees?

Everything under services provided is included in all pricing plans. For unlimited job listings, if you cannot provide an XML feed, an additional fee for job wrapping will be charged. Up to 500 jobs is $49.95, over 500 jobs is $99.95.

Where do candidates apply?

This can be done 2 ways:
First, we directly receive all resumes for your job openings and send you the candidates that match the job criteria. Weeding out job seekers who apply to jobs just to apply.
Second, we can direct job candidates to apply directly on your career page. For this option, you will provide a tracking url for each job listed.

How do you provide tracking?

A third party tracking link specific to your company page and/or job openings is provided weekly for you to review the amount of job seekers that viewed your job listing(s). Individual tracking links for up to 25 separate job listings is provided in addition to the main tracking link.

Your success partner works to find qualified job candidates to fill your positions the entire period of your service. It is much more than just adding your job openings to job boards.

Is billing reccurring?

Yes, your credit card is automatically billed after your 30 day period. Example: Service begins on October 8th, then your credit card is billed on November 9th for the next 30 day period. There is not a contract, you can cancel at anytime. Cancellations need to be made before the billing date by contacting our office or emailing your success partner.

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