Pay Per Interview



               Are there any hidden fees associated with the pay per interview service?

No, it is a one-time fee of $40 per job candidate interviewed.  If you interview more than 10 job candidates, the fee is $35 per person interviewed.


   How is our company billed for the pay per interview service?

You are billed weekly for the number of candidates that you interview.  Every Friday a detailed invoice will be emailed for the previous week.


  If our company does not interview any of the job candidates sent to us, is there a fee?

No, you are only billed for job candidates that are interviewed.


Is there a limit to the number of job openings that our company can submit?

         No you can submit as many job openings that you have.


 Are all of our job openings added to your job boards?

No, for the pay per interview service only, jobs are not added to the job boards.  If you would like to add all of your job openings to our job boards, there is an additional cost.


How do you recruit job candidates for job openings?

We utilize various avenues in recruiting the right candidates for each position.  Social media, networking, our partner sites, are a few examples. 


Are job candidates directed to our company website to apply?

No, we use our applicant tracking system for all job openings so we are able to track the number of candidates and interviews If you want job candidates to submit their resume on your company website, that would be included in our job board package that can be found at


How does the process work?

1. You submit your job openings through our online form.


2. Next you will be assigned a career specialist who will work directly with you for your job openings.


3. Then we add your job openings to our applicant tracking system.


4. Your career specialist will sort through the resumes and email you all of the resumes that match the qualifications.


5. You decide which job applicants you want to interview, schedule the interview, and notify your career specialist of the interview date/time. This information will be updated in our system.



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